March 4, 2017

My name is Sherlynn, I am 26 and I'm still trying to find my true passion in life. I enjoy Noahwriting because I can experiment with my writings either as a poet or blogger. I've never been great with grammar but that has not stopped me from getting better or made me want to stop. I thought I wanted to be a journalist but honesty can say I don't know where I want to be in my life at the moment.I enjoying writing and finding a ways to be better at it but where it will take me I will never know.

This place is Narnia, I can find something informational or something so detailed that I get lost in the character that it inspires me to write in the same manner, it lets me see what writing is. I have been contemplating of having own blog but always thought my passions will never be enough for anymone, but this site gives me hope to conquer those fears. Maybe in the future, but I am beyond greatful to have won the writer's award of 2016 it tingles my heart because everyday is a better day because I developed a love for writing and a place that encourages such a love.